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Default ABS delete 740 Wagon

I'm trying to make way for a compete Turbo engine swap from a 90' Turbo 740 to my 1992 normally aspirated 740 Wagon. I want to keep the Mass Airflow Sensor in the original passenger side location from the turbo but my ABS pump is in the way.

I want it out of there.

Has anyone deleted it? I would need some tips or instructions how to remove it.
I've seen some ABS delete videos on other cars but can't seem to find anything directed to the 740 specifically.
Thanks again for all your Help!

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It will be a lot of work. Probably easiest if you could get a complete earlier non-ABS parts car and then spend hours or days carefully extracting all the hard lines in the engine bay to swap over. Given that you are in the northeast you would also likely run into plenty of rusted line unions, brackets, hardware, etc. Lots of fighting and maybe having to hack stuff off and buy some new replacements for parts you can't get free without mangling them.

If you puzzle over it for long enough and can trace the lines to figure out the system schematic, you also might be able to remove the ABS pump and link up enough input and output lines from it using flare unions to make the brakes work with the pump eliminated and without having to replace all the hard lines under the hood. But it'll look like a mess with a bunch of tubing scrambled there on the fender well. And you'd want to be damn sure you got it right, including getting the primary and secondary circuits set up correctly, etc, because these are your brakes and your life (and others') depends on them.

In either case it'll be a lot of effort and a questionable result. ABS is a good feature anyway and you sure won't be improving the car by doing all this work to remove it. If I were in your shoes I would be pursuing one of these two other paths:

1) Find a way to adapt a different airbox or open element air filter that will let the MAF sensor live in the right place without having to move the ABS pump. It won't be the stock airbox and will take a little work to figure out, but will still be much easier to get a polished solution this way than by removing the ABS.

2) Sell your NA car and find a factory turbo car rather than swapping. They're out there and are pretty cheap. For all the work you'd have to do on the NA car to get it even to stock turbo spec, you could do a really really good Stage 0 on a stock 740T/940T and then get a long ways towards having it be exactly what you want.

Just my $0.02 but I think you'd find yourself wishing you'd spent your time on something else if you try this.
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I have a 92 the previous owner or owners half-assed an ABS delete. I could probably get pictures.
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Default .

Great, Thanks! You are correct that I should keep the ABS for overall safety and the fact that every line will probably be rusted and not come loose. I think I just had to hear it from someone else.
It's frustrating that both cars are so identical in the engine bay but have some big hurdles to get around when converting to the turbo.
Yes, If I didn't already invest so much time and energy in my car I would be looking for a Factory turbo car.

I'm going to look into it more, like you said, in adapting a different air box or filter maybe forward of the ABS with some custom plumbing.

Thanks again, You had some good thoughts. I appreciate your response! Tom
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I did it on the gold car, wasn't all that involved in the end. iirc the only line I ended up having to get was the driver's side to passenger side line and a short line for the driver's brake caliper. I did not convert to 2 channel brakes, the car stops fine. if you can work around it though, I'd keep the abs.
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YEah I made these vids for linuxman years ago so he could figure it out. Easy biz. I deleted abs on my 89 744, RIP..

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My 88 765 with B230FT has the ABS module on the drivers side. You maybe be able to locate parts to swap the module from the passenger side to the drivers side.

Deleting the ABS module may require some attention to the front/rear brake proportioning.
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