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Default B21FT Stalling Sanity Check

Like the title says, I need to bounce some ideas off the more experienced. I'm losing my current garage space and I decided to see if the local mechanics could block out some space for me. Mechanic 1 retired and Mechanic 2 seems well versed in LH-cars - he suggested it's the TPS, which I don't think my K-Jet car has...seems like a nice guy, but maybe not right for my needs?

The engine fires, but needs consistent 20-40% throttle to keep it alive or it will stall. It revs readily on a cold engine. It seems to rev and run pretty badly.

Checks I have done so far:

0.) PCV cleared - new lines, cleaned fitting, and a new box. New plug wires and electrical harness, all connections double-checked.

1.) 5 gal. gas that's still reasonably fresh. The new frequency valve fixed the massive leak, but I do see some weeping from the CPR line onto the distributor.

2.) 2x checked the vacuum lines based on how it was when the car last ran. Apparently I'm supposed to run the canister line to the tee-fitting off the intake? In any case, there's no difference between connecting it to the lower Tee going from the IM to the Distributor. No rags trapped anywhere and new gaskets everywhere.

3.) Electrical checks. 12.8V reading from battery, ignition coil's a bit weaker than the Bentley, and the fuses under the dash look good. I wasn't quite sure how to do all the other checks, but I got my hands on the right greenbook that shows you how to do it. Might be hard given that it doesn't like to stay running. In any case, with the key set to position II, I can hear buzzing under the hood. Both ECU plugs are in and I don't see any shorts.

4.) The IACV seems it's been oriented correctly - I aligned it using the dirty/clean dies that matched up with the bracket, though I regret not cleaning it.

I'm thinking I should clean the IACV first and maybe the CPR for now. Fuel Pressure Gauge is still stuck in transit, so are there any other things I should look into? Sorry if this thread is incoherent and rambling, this has been stressful trying to get this thing out of there and into the new garage!

I've been reading






Let me know if there are any other reading material I should try.

- '83 245 Turbo

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Yes, those are good reads.
Yes, you do have a TPS it's mounted on the side of your throttle body with 3 wires going to it. You can't set that until you set your baseline idle.
Deactivate the CIS system by grounding the blue/white wire (the Red wire is for Lambda Sond)on the driverside fender. Hook up a tachometer.
Start engine(if it won't idle open the throttle to keep it idling and set to 850 rpm's by using set screw under the throttle lever. After that you now can set the TSP by using a test light adjust (1 lead to positive battery termanl and the other to the yellow wire on the TPS. Start the car the light should be off if not adjust the switch so the light is off.
Don't jump into the fuel system until you have gauges that tell you it needs ajustment.
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The throttle switch on a B21FT only has two wires going to it. The symptom y you are describing is what happened to my B21Ft when it had control pressure that was too high. So you need to doo a fuel system pressure check to find out what control pressure is. If it's too high then on cold starts the engine is too lean and will stall until it gets a bit of temperature.
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Follow up: dl242gt was right on the money. I pulled the WUR lines and ran some carb cleaner through them. Car no longer runs like junk at 1100 rpm, though it does still stall if you don’t give it a few taps of the throttle. In any case, it’s enough to limp it onto the uhaul.

Will pursue further diagnosis once that fuel pressure tester arrives…
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