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Default Dvroofers white carbon fiber 91 240 wagon

Iím new to the board. 2 years ago I bought a 1991 240 wagon b230f for my son. As i have some experience with Chevys in the past, i quickly learned they are not the same. We talked the owner down to 800$ because it had been sitting. I attempted to get it to stage 0. After driving it home we ordered a tuned up kit(IPD), motor mounts (shot out), new red water pipe( cracked ), new drive shaft support (busted), fuel pump- in tank and in line. Wire set and plugs, air filter, thermostat, some hoses that needed replaced and 2 racing seats.
I also had a hood latch incident that resulted in a new hood and windshied

I Changed the oil and fired her up. Lots of smoke but ran.... barely. I quickly got intimate with various fuel codes. I really wish I had started this post back then and maybe I would have avoided the headaches of buying autozone/ eBay parts. That being said I bought a autozone MAF (duralast), o2 sensor and some yellow top eBay injectors.
This solved some problems but pretty much at the same time I noticed leaks out of the freeze plugs .
I replaced the plugs but was still experiencing overheating. It had been 3 months without him being able to reliably drive the Volvo so my son scored a little truck to dd. He also scored a job in Big Bear so he took off on me leaving the 240.
I ended up replacing the entire pcv system including the canister all hoses flame trap kit. I also replaced the idle control vale and the Ignition control module and fuel relay. I kept having issues with the Maf and found a faulty heater valve for the hot air flap. Replaced it via (ipd). Next issue was a leaking radiator at the hose connection. Someone had cut it so close the hose clamp barely caught.
I read it might be a good idea to also replace the fpr. So in my trip to the local salvage yard down here in Long Beach I found a new fpr and a decent radiator I grabbed a front bumper and rear bumper along with a air dam.Not knowing anything I grabbed a 3bar.
I put it on and the Volvo had a little more life in her but was hesitant had a rough idle and still threw codes. I decided to address to sound of rocks in my exhaust
And found a crumbled pile of junk in my cat. Ordered a new magnaflow high flow bolt on.
At this point sheís running good but overheating.

After hours of scratching my head looking i decided the head gasket must be fried. So i pull the head and what I find is a tiny little freeze plug with a whole in it directly over the front of the block leaking. I figure out the size and cant find it anywhere online. I finally do have it ordered and while Iím at the junkyard I decide to just pull a b230ft head with a t cam already installed. At this point I also started paying attention to the forum so please excuse that i skipped a couple steps.I cleaned up the intake and port match the head I installled the new head and it was a different car.

So it was running decent besides the throttle response so I decided to start with the suspension and get rid of the rattling torque rods. I replaced everything . Koni adjustable struts in front Billstein in the rear sport coils all the way around , pan hard bar, 25mm anti sway bars, chassis braces,strut reinforcement plates, aluminum skid plate all IPD except the struts. Also got some silicone hoses and blue hose clamps.

i still have an acceleration issue from stop. It stumbles on its face then picks up. I have ordered the IPD turbo cam with adjustable gear and am waiting to see if I may remedy it with the timing.Iím still getting a fuel code of 113 bad injector. My injectors measure 16 ohm all the way across. I have came across other posts about the yellow tops having this issue any help would be appreciated. I do have a set of greens with a resistor pack but have not found the proper info on wiring it.
I have currently found turbo donor parts from a 1989 donor car and an extra ezk to send in for core on my ms3 from Linuxman. still trying to source a turbo ecu. Again Im new here and learning as I go any words of wisdom or pushes in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Heres my only other project ever. very proud

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