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Default B21F Carb Cam?

Howdy friends,

So I installed a Weber 38/38 downdraft on my 76, and itís running incredibly well. Definitely gained 10 pants seat hp from the tired Kjet.

That said, I was curious if I could squeeze any more out of this motor with a cam-Iíve got an A cam in my 93 EFI, and it definitely was an improvement over the M, but this 76 comes with a B already, which appears pretty similar to the A, though I donít really know how to read cam specs.

I spiritedly but wonít be anywhere near the redline, so Iím hoping to have good daily drivability with as much fun under 5k as possible.

Also, I live in CO and elevation is a thing. The more air the better.

FWIW the car has incredible low end response now, so Iíd love to hold onto that. Honestly Iím not a Weber guy, but the 38/38 really woke this motor up.

1993 245
1968 122s
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