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Originally Posted by hk 40 View Post
Wow 7oo hundred views of the TFI with only Culberro's kind input. Is Culberro the only other one currently on board that has worked with or even looked at other ignitions outside the EZK and dumb ignitors?

Stellar !

I just saw this thread, because I don't come in here often. I want to comment on a few things. In this case, this is an international forum, lots of people don't even join, but find us and read. It's supposed to be informative, and I was taught that when writing to be informative, you should write as if the casual reader who has no clue is reading. Then, after a theme has been established, you can leave that alone and just address the higher level stuff. I really doubt this area of turbobricks is full of stalkers. And most people on this forum are just enjoying a volvo, doing maintenance, or following what you are putting down as "xerox". You have to start somewhere.

Originally Posted by hk 40 View Post
What's interesting about the TFI is I wonder is TFI just a fancy ford moniker for thin film capacitor If it is it THAT it should develop some crank and shouldn't be to slow. You gotta keep it cool though. You could liquid cool a sink.

TFI stands for Thick Film Ignition. When I was a ford tech (1985-1989) the instructor at EEC school said it was just a reference to the snotty stabilizer covering the circuits.
I tried to mess with them, and although they do really hate heat, they are asy to change timing on using the push-pull circuit. Ford calls theirs the SPOUT, for spark out. There used to be a spout connecter we would unhook to set base timing. The first ones really hated having the spout grounded, and would overheat from that and shut down. It usually happened from a damaged ECM (lightning strikes. etc). Also, the early dielectric heat sink grease was a white paste that dried out. I still use TFI modules and GM HEI modules for projects. They both outgrew the early poor reliability.

Originally Posted by 740atl View Post
Well Hubert I for one would like to apologize. I meant nothing racist. It was my mistaken impression that you were a non native English speaker. There were no racist overtones in any of my comments but rather a genuine desire on my part to understand where you were coming from and how to appropriately understand what you were saying. I donít know how there could be anything racist about what was said, simply because I have no idea what you or most of anyone else on this board look like.

Yes, I think a few of us were busting your chops in a playful manner but certainly nothing racist.

Again I apologize because it appears you are deeply offended. Please accept my apology.

That aside, I think you are wildly taking this out of proportion. Wildly. The people on this board will go out of their way to help people.
Well-stated. I was also unaware that Hugh is black, and was pretty surprised he went off like that. Yes, there are trolls here, but trust me, we keep the racists and any bigots in check. Usually I just bait them into showing their true hate and ban them.

Hugh, you are welcome here. Just slow down and think before posting in anger. Read, listen, ask. Don't assume. PM people. I'm glad you PM's me, because it made me do a little reading here and elsewhere. If I put things together correctly, football and doing good things for the community runs in the family, and you should be proud of your family.
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