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Default The story of a beige 744

Wait!? This car is not beige, and you'd be correct, the start of this thread will briefly explain the history of my brothers project, and the origin of the story. We will pick up on the story of the beige car in the next post

After my brothers first car, a Mercury Colony Park from 1973, he decided to move on to a quick volvo, so the same day the Mercury sold, we picked up this 1986 745.

It had previously been imported from Norway, and had received a turbo swap. This was not done with great care however, as a chisel was used to cut a second hole in the fire wall without removing the previous loom, and as expected it was not registered as such either

Since the loom was not in the greatest state, and the m46 transmission was not perfect, a new plan was drafted and the process of a b6304 swap began.

A supposedly known good engine was sourced from a retired swapped 7 series with all registration available

It received some paint

And was put in with a m90 gearbox and driveshaft

A merge got fabricobbled replacing the cat

To run towards a set of 3 inch mufflers straight to the back

The intake also received some loving

And it was alive!

To celebrate the car made a long roadtrip throughout the netherlands

For which it received my old wheels before the swap to the gold sirius set

During a trip to the us, we scored this set of quads

That were easily fixed with some 3d printer magic

And got installed

You might ask, why gold quarter panels, and well this is where the trouble starts, rust

The car received a rubber coating once it arrived from Norway, but it turned out, this was applied over a bad shell. Whilst jacking up the car (nobody got hurt luckily) the support folded from under the car, after an inspection, the whole bottom was close to gone

So the descision to move to another shell was made, stripping this shell and selling it to the banger racers for a few final laps
Volvo 745 - IPD springs, 25mm/19mm swaybars, T-cam, LH2.4, M90 swap, 3.54 \w racingdiff lsd, track/daily
I sell LH2.4 Chips for Europe!
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It's replacement (the old shell can be seen in the back) became this 1986 beige 744, in pristine rustfree condition. It sold for little money due to it being unregistered so with a few extra parts we picked it up got it registered the same day an up and running for the trip across the Netherlands.

Major bits kept from the old chassis got powdercoated

With fresh rubbers and all

A new swaybar got installed with PU bushes

As well as adjustable camber plates, gaz schocks, the ipd springs from the previous car and roll steer correction

We also figured out a issue with the m90 from the previous build (already received the welded 3rd gear ring), the synchro's were really worn, so these got replaced from a broken donor

This cool turbo cluster was also around and got installed as well

As a gift I got this hydrolic handbrake kit for the car, which will be modded and added in the future

Thusfar the car has retained it's current engine to serve daily driver duties

But this will change soon
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