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Default yoshifab microsquirt setup

anyone on here know much about ms2? i have a microsquirt and full harness from yoshifab tech, but am having some connectivity issues. every time i try to edit settings for my tps, injectors, etc, i unexpectedly lose connection to the ecm? i also am steady receiving information from the iat sensor and clt sensor but when attempting to test the com port signal. it detects the microsquirt controller fine, but when i press test, it says failed. any help would be great. i would also greatly appreciate some advise on a base tune and setup. I have read thru the ms2 installation guide and the yoshifab ones and i still have some unanswered questions.

here are my build specs

940 intercooler
na intake manifold
60lb denso injectors
dsm cas
zeitronics wideband
yoshifab ls coil pack conversion
yoshifab microsquirt conversion harness
turbonetics evolution 3 wastegate
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Basic connection problems could be an old worn-out USB cable -- try a new(ish) one.

Otherwise, I'd be looking for poor power or ground connections. Can you check the voltages with a meter at the main MS relay? You should see ~12volts (or whatever your battery is at) across the relay. The heater circuit on the wideband O2 can cause a lot of electrical noise. Does your WB02 have separate ground wires, and separate power wires? If so, are they connected per the instructions?

Edit: one other thought, you swapped the TPS, correct? If the +5Vref wire is shorted out, it can cause weird behavior.

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