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Default ECT reads high when running ?

So Microsquirt with a PNP kit from Kenny.

Installed a few weeks ago and everything has been working as expected, ECT reads as it should be expected.

All of a sudden I am getting ECT temps around 40-60deg higher than normal, After going over the entire cooling system and validating on another car the stock guage is reading correct and the cooling system is working as it should, it turns out MS is getting the higher temps only when the car is running. If the igntion is off then the ECT / MS reads the correct setting but as soon as the car starts coolant temps jump from 190ish to 250-290ish.

Any idea's on where to start checking for issues with the microsquirt. While it sure sounds like a grounding issue nothng has changed since it has been running for the last few weeks and this issue just popped up out of no where on Friday.

Thank you
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