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Originally Posted by klr142 View Post
The -561 computers you speak of. I had one in my 1991 240 when I got it for some reason and I did like it. It did not have the aggressive lean situation on initial tip in that the newer, -951 computer had from the factory. The replacement white label -561s are the ones to get if you can, assuming the programming was the same. The pink label ones tend to fail more often.
No, I'm not talking about the pink label 561 ECU.

I am talking about the pink (or yellow) label EZK that controls the ignition. Phil had one for sale here:


And also referenced them in post #171 on this thread.


I also have a spare white label 561 ECU, FWIW.
Here's my feedback thread:

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Turbo, what?
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Speaking of A/C, the electric cooling fan is a nice upgrade if your clutch fan is typically engaged. Back when I drag raced my car and it was closer to stock, I would be sure to rev the engine in neutral just long enough for the fan to disengage before making a run. Also, with the Factory tuning of the 951 being so lean off idle, it helped to gradually roll into full throttle while power braking it, as opposed to just stomping on it. The gradual nature slowed the lambda feedback to keep the mixture around stoich that way, as opposed to just going lean and bogging off the line. Fun stuff.
Originally Posted by swedishiron.com View Post
No, I'm not talking about the pink label 561 ECU.
Ah, ok!
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