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Default B230F Cam Choice Help

Hey yall, I'm new to this site but I've been trying to do some research as to what cam I would like to swap in my 1989 240 B230F. I recently just did a head gasket on the thing and for the most part shes in good shape. It's a completely stock motor with the ol' AW70 and eventually I would like to turbo the motor and see if I can't find a manual gearbox for it. Only problem is I'm a little short on funds, so in the mean time I was hoping to getting a small increase in performance to satisfy my desire to mod. I was considering doing a 531 swap from the 530 and getting a cam but I don't know enough to be able to pick out a cam myself. I've read a bunch of stuff about the A/B cams and such and for a while I was set on the IPD N/A cam but given its price tag I was looking for a bit more bang for my buck. It's a daily driver and I was looking for some lower to mid-range power out of it without tanking driveability Any advice or articles would be appreciated

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I would go with a A cam. It gives a bit more pull than the M you have without loosing low end just improves mid and upper. The other good thing with the A is that it will be ideal for when you do go +T

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