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Default Waste spark board.

I’ve gotta say. It’s so weird to have a distributor-less 240. My car has never run this well, it’s like a smooth sewing machine. I’ve had 5 240’s and never had one that runs this smoothly.

So my question, where did you pull your 12v from? I’m tapping off the battery right now temporarily. I tried the coil feed but the car wouldn’t start. I’m going to go through other options soon. Just wanted to know where others got power.

Now i can install the yoshifab dsm sensor and start working on migrating to maxxecu (this is my wife’s dd, i can’t have more than 4 days of downtime at a time)
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James M
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Time to buy her another 240 as a spare
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What module and coil did you end up using? I used the miata module with the bosch 2x2 coil, ran the 12v constant for the coil straight to the battery and the switched 12v for the module to the striped wire from the factory coil. Had to leave the factory coil in place for that to work, going to try the dummy relay method soon to see if I can get rid of it.
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At first I ran the coil power from the ignition switch triggered 12 volt line like the stock setup but eventually moved to having the system side of the fuel relay supply the power. I was worried about the ignition noise/coil ringing on the circuit for a little bit but there seems to be no issue there.
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