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Default AW71 torque converter bolts

Does anyone know what bolts are used to attach an AW71 torque converter to redblock flexplate? Seems to be M10 but not the regular thread. Cant seem to find it on here.

kind regards,
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Should be part 974589

Skandix cross-references to 985485 = 1034164
M10 x 13 flanged bolt.

Another site calls it a
"Flensbout Volvo M10 x 13MM (fijne draad)"
(Wrong picture not included)

English translation says "Pay attention to fine thread".
That usually means 10x1.25, not 10x1.5.

Neither says what strength grade it is (8.9 / 9.9 / 10.9).
Also fits AW70, but I'm not taking out my trans to look.

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Old 05-24-2021, 05:04 AM   #3
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Thanks!! Indeed seems to be finer thread than m10x1,5. To install the flexplate Volvo says strength grade 12.9 is to be used, so i guess these will also be 12.9
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As the bolts get larger with metric hardware the fine thread version is usually a thread pitch that is one or two steps down from usual threads. So for example a usual 8mm bolt is 1.25 thread. A fine thread version would be 8mm 1.0 thread.

So your fine thread 10mm bolt probably has something like 1.0 thread pitch for a fine threaded fastener.
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